#2 Synopsis

I was born in a small town in old Mexico. I often wonder what my reaction will be like if someone knows where Namiquipa lies on the map. I wasn't there for long. We migrated to the good US of A in search of a better life. Well I don't actually remember it. I was only a few months old. We obviously struggled when we arrived here. We settled in Dallas and stayed for 6 months, then packed up and moved to Friona and stayed with my aunt. Eventually we moved out. So here came the family of four to this tiny, bug-infested Hereford apartment! My dad worked at Frito lay for crappy pay and I hung out with my older sis and apt. complex kids. After my dad took on the agriculture industry, the following 10 years consisted of moving to various areas on the outskirts of town. When we finally settled down and were able to afford a home in Hereford, I though we were lucky and big city living! Of course, when I read over what I just wrote, I wish it had been that simple. I came from a very abusive home. My mother though, was my rock and stability. She counter-acted the violence with unconditional love. Everything she did was exactly what I needed to overcome my insanity. I won't go into details, but I owe everything to God first, then to my mother. So that said, my high school years were dazed and confused. I wasn't the straight A student, far from it. Let's just say that for the most of my freshman and sophomore year I wore flannel shirts and baggy jeans. Not proud of that! I finally got it together my senior year and married a jerk. Oddly, I thought extreme jealousy was a sign of affection and love. I stayed with him 3 years and 4 months - should have the days counted but, hey, it's been a while. Sleeping with the enemy bus ride out comes to mind. I had never felt so liberated in my life! Single life was shortly lived because the love of my life walked right into it 6 months later. Of all the gin joints, in all the towns, in all the world, he walks into mine. Man he WAS persistent. His version is that I was mean and hard to get... my version was that I was afraid of commitment and getting hurt again. So we can meet half-way I guess. We got married in Amarillo the Fall of 2004 in between classes during lunch time. I went back to class as if nothing had happened. Less than 10 guests attended the ceremony and I couldn't have been happier.

Forward 9 years later - we live in the Dallas area and have our bachelor's degrees - Robert has his in Architecture and I in Interior Design. School was rough! It's not at all what people assume interior design school would be. Perhaps they assume we had a blast selecting pretty colors and materials and possibly held hands, sang of flowers and rainbows... no, no, no. Far from it! It has a lot to do with space, form, function and Design foremost and then materials are reserved for last. I was fortunate to have my hubby by my side while I took all the architecture classes before declaring my interior design major. He was the shoulder I leaned on. I made some very close friends while I was there as well. We only spent 23 hrs a day there. Cooped up in a messy studio, that was bound to happen. So finally after our 6.5 year sacrifice, we come out and realize our industry is down and out along with the rest of this crappy economy. My hubby has a job in his field, but unfortunately I don't. We're hanging on... So I took on a state job, and quit pronto. Def not for me. So now I'm playing the domestic diva role. Taking care of 2 big boys is work enough for now. My step-son came to live with us about 6 years ago and now he's taller than I am. It's surreal how they grow. I know all parents say that, but its really amazing. We've been regular church goers for the past year and a half. Religion isn't important to me, but the close relationship I have with God is. I've been changed. So that's a sliver of my life.

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